Wadzanai Mafusire

My name is Wadzanai Mafusire. Music has always been my passion with heavy influences from my late Brother Jaji Mafusire and my GrandDad who was an afro-jazz musician in the ’60s. I am passionate about promoting young local talent and when I am not playing music I enjoy spending time with my Son, going to the cinema, traveling, or cooking. I have a long and extensive career in healthcare and my guilty pleasure is old skool R&B. I hope you can catch me every Friday afternoon from 4-6 pm GMT on Friday DriveTime.

My media career started in 2008 when I joined Padare radio station. This gave me all the confidence and experience I needed as a radio personality. A year later I joined Visions Fm which became my home for 3 years. Visions Fm gave me an opportunity to work with veteran DJs and equipped me with skills and professionalism. I am ready to make my debut again and it feels so good to be back