Tha First Knight

Born into a home filled with Salsa, Doo Wop, and what is now called Classic Rock, I always had a feel for music. From watching opera or different orchestras perform symphonies on PBS, to singing along to commericial jingles of the 70’s. In the late 70’s when the era of hip hop began, I was just like any of the other inner city youth. Excited to hear and see my people doing music without the use of instruments. DJ’s were the biggest thing back then. I decided to be a DJ. Armed with an eclectic collection of music I was able to do mixtapes, shows and parties. From the DJ came the MC. Already using the mic to amp the crowds or boost the energy of a mixtape, I started writing songs. All that time still studying the art of music. I had learned, from reading records, of Producers and Engineers and started to figure out what their job is in making what we all hear. So I took up Recording Engineering. This is what fined tuned my ears. To hear things in music that the average person doesn’t hear. How to mix different sounds together to create music. From graduation, with help from an investor, I was able to purchase equipment to make and record music. Without any actual musical instrument talent, I became what I call a “Sound Manipulater”. Making beats and producing songs with guys from the neighborhood. And now, after a long hiatus, Im back with what I’m known for. Hot beats, eclectic styles, great production and engineering. Now armed with videography, a new radio show in the resume, and a new writing energy, I’m gearing up to take the world by storm!!!
Instagram: @thafirstknight